Concurrent cucumber testing made simple


Why Zucchini?

If any of the following describes you, zucchini is here to help!

  • You have a product which supports a number of different mobile devices and browsers
  • You have cucumber-jvm tests that work on a single mobile device or browser but are horrified at the thought of trying to scale out your tests
  • You have tried a number of different means of running tests in parallel but have given up due to the complexity involved
  • Have no tests for your product, but are enamored with the simplicity of Cucumber
  • Really into test frameworks named after vegetables

What is Zucchini?

Zucchini sits on top of cucumber-jvm and maven to provide higher testing throughput by enabling concurrent test execution. A test author need only specify a description of each of the devices (or browsers) under test as well as the cucumber feature files to execute and zucchini runs the tests in parallel with a separate backing cucumber runtime for each device under test. Upon completion, all of these tests are compiled into a single report made available in an html format.

How do I use Zucchini

For more details on how zucchini works as well as how to use it in your project, please see the zucchini wiki


Submitting issues

For any issues discovered in using Zucchini, please file a github issue


We welcome contributions to the project. Please see here for more details click the button below for more details